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Simulation of mechanic properties in CFRP

The GeoDict software solves more than just analytical formulas. As a pioneer of components simulation, GeoDict calculates the properties of detailed meshed microstructure models with unique performance and ease-of-use. 

GeoDict represents a time and money saving alternative to prototyping. Only the most promising composite materials according to the simulation are manufactured and tested.

Microstructure models are generated directly from imported FIB-SEM and µCT images, or from user-defined fiber parameters (orientation, diameter, weight...). The composite microstructure is geometrically analyzed and then, the properties are simulated:

  • Deformation, compression, thermal and electrical conductivity, acoustic parameters and more.
  • Geometrical Material-CAE of composites.
  • CT-based fiber diameter- and orientation-estimation and laminate-parameter estimation.
GeoDict is the software for targeted, fast, and cost-effective design of composite materials.