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EqualEngineers Menopause Network Launch

EqualEngineers Menopause Network Launch

EqualEngineers Menopause Network Launch

16th October, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Introducing the Fan Club: an extraordinary celebration of transition and a beacon of inspiration—a secure heaven to engage in discussions about the more positive facets of the menopause journey. Guided by the expertise of Fayon Dixon from EqualEngineers, this event is set to unfold on the virtual canvas of Zoom. Whether currently experiencing menopausal symptoms, suspecting their onset, or bracing for them in the near future, this platform welcomes all to converse openly.

A time to bond, learn, and rejoice together. Your presence is eagerly anticipated!

Why you should join our Network

I must say, the concept of celebrating menopause sounds strange to most, however through my personal experience over the past 12 years, I have become happier, stronger and more resilient than I could have imagined. It was NOT easy, and is not over yet! 

So, I decided to launch Fan Club to support others in sharing their positive and inspirational experiences of menopause:

  1. Learn to celebrate and embrace the changes: The Fan Club provides a positive and empowering environment where you can appreciate the transformative journey of menopause.
  2. Increase self-awareness: Gain insights into how you can help yourself navigate menopause effectively, both physically and emotionally.
  3. Remove stigma and shame: Find a safe space to discuss your symptoms and actions openly, free from societal stigmas and judgment.
  4. Address workplace challenges: Understand and combat the daily workplace challenges that people with menopause often face, promoting a more supportive work environment.
  5. Access expert knowledge: Learn from experts in the field who can provide guidance and information to help you navigate menopause with confidence.
  6. Find joy in your experiences: Discover the positive aspects of the menopause journey and learn to find happiness and fulfillment during this phase of life.

Fan Club offers a unique and uplifting approach to menopause support, focusing on celebration, inspiration, encouragement, and happiness, setting it apart from other groups in this field.

I look forward meeting you all,

F​ayon Dixon


Event Type: Workshop
City: Online
Country: Online
Date: 12 Oct 2023