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CastNet is a flexible modelling and simulation environment with direct case set up for CFD solvers e.g. OpenFoam®. The application generates high-quality hybrid meshes using tetrahedral, prismatic, pyramidal and hexahedral elements and provides state of the art boundary layer meshing capabilities. CastNet is based on Simmetrix Inc. meshing and CAD preparation technology guaranteeing advanced techniques for an appropriate and reliable CFD/FEA grid generation. CastNet uses CAD-kernel geometry (Parasolid, Acis or Granite) and builds internally non-manifold models based on CAD-assemblies. 

Besides the pure meshing capabilities, CastNet allows the complete model definition including boundary conditions and solver settings for CFD and FEA solvers, in particular for the open source CFD toolbox OpenFoam®: Solver settings, fluid properties and boundary conditions (including interior zones such as porous and MRF regions) are defined in association with CAD geometries at a graphical user interface. With CastNet DHCAE Tools constitutes an essential step forward providing access to the strong solution capabilities of OpenFOAM® without the need of defining the model setup or controlling the operation via text interfaces. The GUI approach presents an additional option to set up models for users without expert knowledge of the command and keyword structure in OpenFOAM®.

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