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The Benefits of Simulation

The Benefits of Simulation

28th October 2019, Vicenza Italy

NAFEMS is a not-for-profit engineering membership association and part of our mission is to improve the competitiveness of companies by encouraging them to adopt engineering simulation.

To assist with this goal we are organising this afternoon seminar in conjunction with the International CAE Conference in Vicenza, Italy on Monday afternoon, 28th October 2019.

This seminar is a genuine endeavour to equip the attendees with relevant information on the overall value of engineering simulation to a business, and how it is increasingly a requirement for continued innovation and the ongoing competitiveness of companies.

Large companies in industries like automotive and aerospace appreciate the value of simulation but for industries where the use of simulation is not as mature the value that simulation can bring is less well understood. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need advice on how to justify investment in simulation in ways that reflect the limited resources that are available.

Most businesses involved in producing a product are faced with a number of major business challenges, including:

  • Increasing competition;
  • Increasing expectations of value;
  • Quality expectations;
  • Increased customisation;
  • Model proliferation – resulting in shorter useful product life,• Less time to get to the profit stage;
  • Less time at the profit stage.

The ‘Benefits of Simulation Seminar’ therefore aims to:

  • Demonstrate the business value of simulation, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and industries where simulation is not a mature capability;
  • Identify successful implementations of simulation which have provided a noticeable return on investment and promote the lessons learned from these implementations;
  • Disseminate techniques that will allow organisations to maximise their investment in simulation, including change management, skills development and simulation management;
  • Provide guidance on different methods of deploying a simulation capability.

Simulation has and will continue to play a major role in product and process innovation. New ideas have to be tested, qualified and refined before they can be put into practice or introduced to the market.




Chairman's Introduction & Welcome

Tim Morris, NAFEMS


Some of the Challenges in Adopting Simulation Driven Innovation and How to Overcome Them

Tim Morris, NAFEMS on behalf of Business Impact Working Group 


The Benefits from CAE in the Oil & Gas Industry: From the Design to the Digital Twins

Paolo Monti & Michele Di Sclafani, Saipem S.p.A


CAE at Piaggio: A Chronology

Riccardo Testi, Piaggio & C. S.p.A


General discussion and closing remarks





Vicenza Convention Centre
@Fiera di Vicenza
Via dell’Oreficeria 16


The "city of Palladio"

Universally known as the “City of Palladio”, Vicenza one of the most ancient cities in Veneto – strategically located in an area within a host of possibilities when it comes to culture, natural beauty, productive resources and wine and food culture, as well as small towns just waiting to be discovered.

This ‘picture perfect’  city is a real jewel to those visitors walk through the old town centre: they will discover a wealth of art which has inspired famous writers such as Goethe, Camus, Fogazzaro, and Goffredo Parise. The Piazza dei Signori is an obligatory stop with its Basilica Palladiana and Loggia del Capitaniato; while the Teatro Olimpico, the Rotonda and the Basilica di Monte Berico should also not be missed.

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