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Align Working Session 2 – Aligning Commercial, Government, and Research Interests and EffortsPresentationASSESS
Credibility Working Session 2 - How can embedding system level variability and uncertainty in the standard simulation processes increase confidence (internal) and credibility (external)?PresentationASSESS
Twins Working Session 1 - How do we enable effective ES Digital Twin(s) of complex systems and systems of Physical and Digital twins throughout their entire life cycle and range of model fidelities?PresentationASSESS
Democratization Working Session 2 - How can we help enable broader validated repeatable Engineering Simulation methods?PresentationASSESS
Align Working Session 1 - How can ASSESS help with the understanding the myriad of activities and events related to Engineering Simulation?PresentationASSESS
Credibility Working Session 1 - What can NAFEMS/ASSESS do to support certification and/or product requirements verification by simulation efforts?PresentationASSESS
Democratization Working Session 1 - How do we help organizations determine the relative value of democratization as a function of model and simulation method type & complexity and enable prioritization on biggest impacts?PresentationASSESS
Business Working Session 1 - How can we address/overcome the barrier of limited understanding at various levels of management related to the Value of Engineering Simulation?PresentationASSESS
Integration Working Session 2 - How can we develop and generalize integration approaches to be interoperable across multiple disciplines?PresentationASSESS
Business Working Session 2 - How can we get organizations to move to and stay with simulation-based decision making?PresentationASSESS