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Ms. Ioana Tircomnicu-Unga: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member

Ms. Ioana Tircomnicu-Unga: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member


Judit Oldal, NAFEMS - July 27th 2021


Ioana Tircomnicu-Unga

We are pleased to bring you a series of posts about the NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee members so you can learn more about them. First up is Ms. Ioana Tircomnicu-Unga.


Tell us briefly about yourself

Passionate about how digital technologies can help companies in almost every industry improve products and efficiency, I work closely with national and international companies to support them implement the right technologies, while, from an internal point of view, I assemble the sales and technical support teams. It is an amazing job and an amazing time to do it!

When did you first encounter numerical simulations?

As a kid really, as my father was one of the pioneers of FEA in Romania. And then, later on, during my university studies when I understood not only what it actually is and how it works, but also the power it gives to the companies using it. 

When did you first hear about NAFEMS?

Many many years ago, searching over the internet for reliable documentation for structural simulation that would help our colleagues at INAS learn not only the “icons” of the software but understand also the theory behind. NAFEMS turned out to offer the most complex and most reliable documentation we could find.

What made you decide to want to be included in the activities of the regional steering committee?

I really believe industry 4.0 is not possible without simulation and I see many companies in Romania still not ready for this new technological era. I want to support those companies and individuals to get familiarised with simulation tools so they get results they can trust and are able to take an important step towards the future of the industry. And NAFEMS is the right partner for this.

What do you see as the future of NAFEMS?

NAFEMS is a reliable partner for anyone interested not only in using a simulation tool but also understanding what is happening “under the hood”. Getting nice colours with a simulation tool is easy. Getting accurate results you can rely on to replace physical testing needs a good understanding of the theory behind the simulation and NAFEMS offers access to a massive knowledge base. As simulation is becoming more and more important, NAFEMS is the partner you’ll need more and more.

Ioana Tircomnicu-Unga
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