CAASE18 Proceedings

We are delighted to announce the availability of the CAASE18 Proceedings. Below, you will find a listing of all presentations delivered at CAASE18, and the status of availability for each presentation. 

We are still working to collect approved presentations, as well as preparing recordings from several of our keynotes. Thank you for your patience during this process. 

Note: You will need to use the login emailed to you when you were notified about the availability of the presentations. Also, when clicking a presentation, you will need to click the "Download - NAFEMS Member Download" button (regardless of your membership status) to be able to download the presentation. 

Download Final Agenda & Extended Abstracts


Providing the Transformational Means to a New Era of Sustainability and Mobility

Aversa, P.

Ford Motor Company

Why Engineers Must Pay Serious Attention to Blockchain Technology

Robles, D.

Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium

Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration

Collens, C.


AI in Manufacturing: How to Run Longer, Run Better and Keep Relevant

Overton, J.

DXC Technology

Requirements of Certification by Analysis

Safarian, P.


Priorities Advancing Regulatory Science and In Silico Medicine at the FDA

Morrison, T.



Publication Title



The Role of Simulation Governance in the Democratization of Simulation through the Use of Smart Sim Apps

Actis. R

ESRD, Inc.

Enabling Democratization By Engineers, For Engineers

Aldred. J

HBM Prenscia nCode

Simulations of Melt Pool Dynamics in Laser Powder Fusion Processes

Allu. P

Flow Science Inc.

Injection Molding Process Simulation during the Development of a Laundry Centre Tub

Anaya. J

Mabe S.A. de C.V.

A 2040 Vision for Integrated, Multiscale Materials and System Modeling and Simulation

Arnold. S

NASA Glenn Research Center

Micromechanical Modeling and Simulation of a Multifunctional Hybrid Composite

Bauer. C

Math2Market GmbH

A Business Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization

Betts. J

Front End Analytics LLC

Towards CFD Democratization in Pre-development

Bons. R

Siemens PLM Software

Computational Analysis of Components Produced by Fused Deposition Modeling, and the Importance of Print Orientation

Brayford. P


MOOSE Framework Overview and BISON Application Demonstration

Casagranda. A

Idaho National Laboratory

LOTAR EAS and International Standards and How It Relates to Advancing Analysis and Simulation in Engineering

Castro. J

The Boeing Company

Design Optimization of Safety Critical Component for Fatigue and Strength Using Simulation and Data Analytics

Chakraborty. A


Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation and Generative Design – Production of Functional Parts

Chakraborty. A


Large Assembly Modeling Using Glued Contact

Chang. H

MSC Software

How to Make the Most of Your Analysis and Simulation Applications

Cole. L

Open iT

Cloud HPC Demystified: Best Practices of Executing and Managing Simulation Workloads on the Cloud

Combier. R


Optimizing the Design of Liquid Cooled Avionics System through the Use of Characterized 3D CFD Simulations in a 1D System Simulation

Croegaert. M

Mentor Graphics Corporation

An Investigation into the Suitability of Machine Learning Methodologies As a Supplement to Conventional Engineering Analysis

Dewhurst. S

EASA Software

Excel is an Engineering Application, Too! The Challenges and Opportunities of Spreadsheets in Engineering

Dewhurst. S


Taming the Wild Beast: Encapsulating Open-Source Software behind Democratization Framework

Eckblad. Z

Eckdyn Analysis Solutions

A Vibro-Acoustics Approach for Driveshaft Clunk Sound Prediction

Felice. M

Ford Motor Company

CFD-Based Optimization of Micro Vortex Diodes

Fouladi. K

InfoMec Consulting

Uses and Applications of Additive Manufacturing Process Modeling

Francis. Z


Micromechanical Modeling of the Role of Inclusions in High Cycle Fatigue Damage Initiation and Short Crack Growth

Frondelius. T

Wartsila Finland Oy

Technology Tools Enabling Seismic Qualification of Equipment for Essential Building Applications

Gatscher. J

Schneider Electric North America

Brain Bulging: A Personalised Model

Genc. K


Computed Tomography (CT) Based Inspection and Finite Element (FE) Simulation of Additive Manufactured (AM) Parts

Genc. K


Introduction to Cloud Computing for Engineering Simulations – With Hands-On Practice

Gentzsch. W


Novel Software Container Technology Enabling Ease of Access and Use of CAE Applications in the Private and Public Cloud

Gentzsch. W


Frictional Forces in Oils Well Casing Strings by Using FEA

Godoy. F

Engineering Systems Inc. (ESI)

Total Artificial Heart Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling - Gaining Insight to Reduce the Potential for Thrombus Formation

Goodin. M

SimuTech Group

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Predict the Effects of a Mandibular Repositioning Device on the Airway of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Goodin. M

SimuTech Group

Leverage Aircraft Structures Design with Engineering Collaboration

Grimberg. P

Digital Product Simulation

Evaluation of the Nonlinear Mechanical Response in Threaded Fasteners

Grimmer. P

Sandia National Labs

Robust Design by Optimization under Reliability Constraints

Helfrich. R


Part Design by Simulation

Helfrich. R


Topology Optimization and Casting Feasibility of a Robot Arm

Hiremath. P

Altair Engineering, Inc

Traditional Compliance - A Barrier to Efficiency in Construction

Horsfall. B

BVT Engineering Professional Services

Finite Element Modeling as a Computational Approach to Study Biomechanics of Short Bowel Syndrome

Hosseini. H

Stanford University

Large-Scale, HPC of Local Electrochemistry in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Microstructures Based on Morphology-Preserving Meshes

Hsu. Y

Carnegie Mellon University

Simplified Modeling for Thermal Stress Analysis of Conformal Cooling Line in Die Casting Die

Huang. J

Ryobi Die Casting, USA

A Journey towards “Commoditization” of Simulation and Analysis IT Resources to Support “Democratization” Vision of CAE Users Community

Jaiswal. A

John Deere India Pvt Ltd

Are Virtual and Augmented Reality the Next Mouse and GUI?

Jarrett. J

Kinetic Vision

Using Reduced Order Modeling and Multiphysics Simulation to Predict Product Failures and Develop Smart Preventive Maintenance Programs

Jatale. A


Supercharging Design Engineering with HPC Workflow Automation

Khan. A

rLoop Incorporated

Effects of Insole-to-Midsole Heel Height on the Plantar Stress: A Finite Element Analysis

Kia. M

Caelynx LLC

Mechanical System Simulation Opportunities Using Combined Multibody Dynamics and Particle-Based CFD

Kim. S

FunctionBay, Inc

A Unified Environment for Collaborative CAE and Immersive Simulation Results’ Processing

Kleidarias. S


Assessing Credibility of Computational Models through Verification and Validation: Application to Medical Devices

Knudsen. L


Requirement and Task Management as a Part of Wartsila Digital Design Platform

Konno. J

Wartsila Finland Oy

Wind ITO Fulfillment Center: Capturing Proprietary Processes for Wind Farm Siting Analysis

Kornfein. M

GE Global Research & Development

Life Prediction Modeling Capabilities for FE Applications

Loghin. A

Simmetrix Inc.

Roadmap to Adopting Private or Public Cloud Simulation as a Service

Mach. R


Smart “3D CAE Report” for Making Faster Design Decisions throughout the Product Life Cycle

Mandava. P

Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc

The Effect of In-networking Computing Capable Interconnects on the Scalability of CAE Simulations

Maor. O

HPC Advisory Council

Optimization: From Generative to Human-Assisted Design, and Machine Learning

Meintjes. K

CIMdata Inc

Virtual Testing of Total Knee Arthroplasty Component Performance

Morra. E

Orthopaedic Research Laboratories

The Emerging Key Role of Simulation in the Full Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL)

Nagy. D


Micromechanics Simulation Directly on CT Scans

Nigge. K

Volume Graphics GmbH

Confidence and Sensitivity of CFD Predictions of Control Valve Capacity

Novak. L

Fisher Controls International LLC

Understanding Additive Manufactured Lattice Structures with Explicit Dynamics and Testing

Noviello. D

Autodesk Ltd.

Design-Build-Test: Closing the Loop on Generative Design + Additive Manufacturing

Noviello. D

Autodesk Ltd.

The University’s Role in Addressing the Skills Gap and Preparing Individuals for CAE: Continuous Learning and Workforce Development

Nutwell. E

The Ohio State University

A Simulation Methodology for the Design of Trailing-Edge Flap Deployment Mechanism


Siemens Industry Software NV

AI in Manufacturing: How to Run Longer, Run Better and Keep Relevant

Overton. J

DXC Technology

Parametric FEM for Dynamic Response Modeling of Plates Partially Covered with Constrained Layer Damping Treatment

Ozcelik. Y

Borusan Teknoloji Gelistirme ve Arge AS.

The Challenges and ROI of the Democratization of Simulation – Why Progress is Slow

Panthaki. M

Comet Solutions, Inc. – a new, public Web Community for the Democratization of Simulation

Panthaki. M

Comet Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Results Compression Combined with a Sophisticated and Out-of-the-Box Simulation Data Management System: A Case Implemented at Honda

Perifanis. A


Systems Engineering – Challenges for Management

Popielas. F


An Overview of Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Glass Fiber Manufacturing

Prescott. P

Owens Corning Science & Technology

CAE Goes Mainstream with GPU-Accelerated Computing

Rajagopalan. B


Simulation-Driven Engineering and Its Role in the Product Development Process

Ramkumar. R

Dana Holding Corporation

Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation Total Workflow

Robinson. C


Leveraging Thermal Simulations for Metal Additive Manufacturing Part Design & Qualification

Robinson. C


Submodeling of Thick-Walled Structures with Plasticity

Robinson. K

Southwest Research Institute

Accuracy of Predicting Stress Concentration Factors

Roche. C

Western New England University

On the Correct Preloading of Nonlinear Flexible Bodies to Achieve Accurate Multibody Simulation Results

Ross. B


Pressurized Air Tank Oil/Air Separation Efficiency Study

Sarkar. S

Caterpillar Inc.

Multidisciplinary Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades

Seidensticker. D

MSC Software

Custom Integration Framework for MBSE and CAE Using Open Standards

Shah. A

John Deere

Welding Cloud Computational Applications for Digital Manufacturing

Shaxted. M

Parallel Works

Towards a Digital Twin

Shibata. I

Altair Japan

Spectral Analysis of Aeroacoustic Noise Using CAE Tools

Som. P

Ansys India

Reduced Order Model Based Sensitivity Assessment of Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life of Exhaust Manifold Subjected to Uncertainties in Material, Loading and Manufacturing

Som. P

Ansys India

Field Meta-Model Based Multi-Objective Shape Optimization of 3-Pass Exhaust Muffler

Som. P

Ansys India

Modeling Failure in Fiber-Reinforced Composite Tubes

Souza. F


Giving Arthritis the Finger: Customized Medical Device, Optimized for Durability

Stupplebeen. R

Optimal Device

Frontloading Process in Powertrain Development - Virtual Design Release

Tan. E

AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

FMI-Based Collaborative Workflows

Tummescheit. H


Democratizing Engineering Models - Part 1

Valachovic. T

EASA Software

ASSESS Initiative: Collaborating with NAFEMS to Enable the Simulation Revolution

Walsh. J

intrinSIM LLC

Data Driven Design Optimization and Application Based on Small Sampling Learning

Wang. G

Empower Operations Corp

Generative Design of Lightweight Lattice Structures with Additive Manufacturing Constraints

Weinberg. D

Autodesk Inc.

Influence of Numerical Contact Formulation on Simulation of Natural Frequency

Westwater. G

Fisher Controls International LLC

Simulation Solver Meshing in Graph Representation

Xie. J


Topology Optimization: Opportunities and Challenges

Yadav. P

SciArt, LLC

What's Wrong with Simulation, What Happens if It's Not Fixed, and How to Fix It

Zebrowski. M

Consultant (Ford Motor Company, Retired)

Microstructure Optimization for NVH Improvement - Application to SFRP Engine Mount Bracket

Zouani. K

Ford Motor Company

Vibration and Radiated Noise Simulation of Engine Gear Rattle and Whine

Zouani. K

Ford Motor Company

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